Thursday, August 9, 2012

...blogging is probably the last thing I should be doing right now....

I have a macro-economics final at 6 pm, and I don't think I'll ever truly be ready for it, but my heart is burdened for people in my life who are literally at a point where they're "failing" at what they invest themselves in. 

We are all born with an inherent fear of failure. Human nature comes with an irreversible desire to be a people pleaser. To get everything right and to prove ourselves in all that we do. Sin nature causes us to strive for a perfection we'll never achieve, and so we're all, together, running on a hamster wheel towards something we want, but isn't meant for us to have. 

I think for a lot of people my age, Biblical encouragement has become too cliche. Telling someone in a struggle that "God is in control and has the best plan, no matter what ever happens" often falls on empty hearts and goes quickly through the ears of my peers. This is SO discouraging! 

Being a recent college grad, I myself struggle with "being a failure" every day. I've invested four years, countless hours, tears and struggles into gaining an education that would best prepare me to throw myself into what the Lord has for me as I continue to grow and become what He's shaping me into. 

I started hunting for a job before I even graduated. I can't even say how many interviews I've had at this point, or how many applications and resumes I have submitted. But time and time again, I've been told no, and not been given the chance to prove myself professionally. I know I'm qualified for everything I've pursued, and its the hours of my class schedule come fall keeping me from so many opportunities, but it still feels like a hard sucker-punch to the gut. You can only be told "NO" so many times before it truly does feel personal...optimism only goes so far.

I know a lot of the people who I'm walking through life with feel the burden of failure upon their shoulders in different, more literal ways, like not achieving things in their jobs or literally failing in school and stuff. But it's all relative to each of our situations, and so we all find ourselves sitting in this big boat of failure together. 

None of us want to be here, but I'm beginning to think this is a stage of life where we continually find ourselves here the most. And I think it's because we're at a point where we can't completely wrap our heads around our faith. We've been thrown out on our own in a spot where we're supposed to be learning independence and walking on our own feet. But it's not nearly as simple as the world has always made it look. 

In the process of arriving where we are, we refuse to see failure around us every day, and then when it hits us in the face, we don't really know what to do. 

I think it probably seems like I really don't know where I'm going with this anymore, but I promise I do, and I'm almost done...

As we grow, we must overcome failure every day. Whether it's personal failure or helping those around us to see past their own struggles. 


So as we overcome the failures and struggles of our lives, God and his love, and the love of others is what we must cling to. 

I recently began the devotional by Sarah Young, "Jesus Calling" and y'all, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!  If you've been searching for something to keep you in the word daily or even if you have something, I strongly encourage you to check it out, it's great. This to say....

Several times in August, remember it's only the 9th, I find myself being reminded of the Lord's unfailing, unconditional and unwavering love for us. Every day, it seems the things Sarah encourages are somehow interconnected. I like that a lot, because we can't ever be reminded enough that in the imperfection we're stuck living in, we're covered in something so perfect that it redeems us and makes us worthy of the Lord's presence in our lives. 

That's just awesome to me, and I literally have chills right now saying this! 

I don't know where this post finds you in life, but I hope it's a decent reminder of the Love that covers us all. 

Remember in your life, you're not the only one dealing with difficulties and struggles. We're all walking in that together. It's not always easy to come up with encouragement when those we love are hurting and breaking and falling short of where they want themselves to be, and it's not easy for them to come up with what we need when we're in the same situation. 

I realized this morning that sometimes, its better to have open arms, than trying to find the right words. Love in it's purest form is unspoken, but exhibited and acted out, intentionally and without complication. 

While we have words for God's perfect love, thrust upon us. Expressing our love towards others in adequate ways is seemingly impossible. That's when the promise that our actions speak louder than our words, falls so well into play. 

I've certainly learned in my 22 years, that showing is far simpler than telling, when it comes to matters of the heart. So today, and tomorrow, wherever you are, whoever you're dealing with, and however you're struggling to love, or overcome failure, I simply encourage you to act towards others from your heart of hearts. 

Let the love of Christ and our Heavenly Father, the love that exists within us, in the purest, most covering and redemptive form, pour out from you. Show someone love, accept them in the midst of circumstances that make them shout unworthy. We're all on this journey, in this walk together. Don't find your comfort in words, rather find it in unconditional love. We're all capable of giving and receiving it. And if you're the one struggling, remember that where you are now, is right in the middle of His perfectly mapped plan for you. Maybe it doesn't seem so, but only He knows where we're meant to be. 

In Grace's Amazing Hands,


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