Saturday, June 13, 2015

Let the Belizian journey begin!!!

Sometimes, you can completely anticipate what is coming. You can spend months, weeks even years preparing your heart and mind and soul for a thing and once it arrives, you're perfectly ready and prepared to face the journey. 

Sometimes reality sneaks up on you. Even with all of the planning and preparing, the day is so far off and then suddenly you're awake at 3am to follow the hand and voice of the Lord into the depths of the unknown. 

I'm going right now. I am on a bus to Belize to love and serve and pursue the heart of God through his creation and treasures in this place. 

Going Seems almost routine for me. I've been going on mission trips for the past 12 years. None of this process is foreign to me. I'm comfortable with the travel, with the discomfort that comes from being in an underdeveloped place, with being flexible and running raggedly thin. I know this drill and I am confident of my ability and capacity for being this instrument of God's love and heart and glory for humanity. 

But this morning, there is a weight on my chest, a heightened sense of emotion that is unfamiliar for an experience like this. It's a proclamation that this journey had been ordained from the heavenly realms. It's a promise of the Lord to me that Mighty and powerful acts are to come, and I am allowed and called to bear witness to them all. 

So this morning, I praise the Lord. He has done such a marvelous work in my life. Truly and remarkably He has transformed my heart, mended brokenness, revealed truth and placed upon my shoulders a call that, though inaudible, is deeply rooted within my soul and it drives me! I am so gracious to be in a church body that is actively seeking discipleship and promoting this love on a local, national and global spectrum. And am I ever so thankful for the power of the cross of Jesus Christ! 

There is both a distinctive peace and conviction in knowing the life of a blameless man was beautifully laid down for my own, for all of us in this team and for those we will encounter who do and do not already know Him. What a friend He is to trust me with the beautiful burden of going, moving with His Spirit and proclaiming the truth, calling others unto Him. 

Thank you Father for this call and conviction, and the act of your power that sends me. Today I go, feeling this weight but I am not anxious or worried for what is to come. Over the course of the next 8 days, may I love and serve in a capacity that is beyond what I have ever done or seen. May I and all on this team know your presence, power and might in every moment and may our hearts be bound to your grace in truth in every way!! Thank you for sending us, for sending me out. Make us brave. Fill us with courage and joy that are radiant and unattainable on our own. And Father, break us of our sin and pride that can easily be our hinderance and fix our eyes on the cross of your magnificent, servant son, that we may live for Him and the sacrifice He has made for our souls and freedom. Thank you!! 

To those who will see this, I urge you to pray for our journey and this experience. We fly out of Houston in a few hours and return home on June 20. Thank you for your love and support and the large and small roles you've played in my journey. I can't wait to share this one with you all!!! My faithful God has promised beautiful things and he is FAITHFUL as the dawn!! 

In Grace's Amazing Hands, 


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