Sunday, May 5, 2013

My Jamaica Love

There's a place in this world rooted deep in my soul. The people of this country have captivated my heart and The Lord has truly blessed my soul by this place. It's a vivid spot in the world. Full of vibrant life and joyful spirits; full of people who truly yearn for love and depth in their relationships. Jamaica taught me a lot about myself. It reminded my of a greater purpose to live for and a greater love to exemplify in all that I do.

Every single day, there are instances that cause me to reflect on my times there and be filled with unspeakable joy. I love it and I know I'll be back in due time.

Today I am thinking of Jamaica because I miss my family there. No longer are the people in my life that remain in that country just my friends, but now my family. They are a part of me, connected by the Holy Spirit, that I cherish to my core.

Every day, I am blessed by my moment of selfishness that led me to this place and by God's grace turned into a life changing blessing and continuing gift. Jamaica reminds me why I strive to live and love above reproach and why my call to serve at home and internationally is Biblical and a command that I wish to fulfill.

Not everyone is fortunate to know where they're called to invest their love and their life. I am so glad that my Father has shown me the people who are my hearts desire to love and invest in, to the best of my ability.

Today my prayer is that the people I am surrounded by and that are a part of my life can see where their mission is, but understand that it isn't just a mission. It's a deeper call to love our brothers and sisters, unconditionally, and when we do, they return it, wholeheartedly!!!

I cannot wait for the day I am back in my hearts home, Jamaica, the place which my soul yearns for and I see in so many dreams.

Until then, for these people I will pray, for St. Anne's Bay, and Priory and the Basic School in Chester and New Generation Camp. The places I have had a small hand in helping to build up and long to return and continue to invest in! 

In Grace's Amazing Hands,


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