Sunday, July 7, 2013

I'm In Jamaica, Mon...

So I just wanted to check in with y’all from beautiful Jamaica! I arrived this past Thursday, on the 4th of July after an early morning flight out of DFW and being bumped to the second flight out in Atlanta and upgraded to first class, it was quite nice. Only my bags were delayed but not for long and there was no hassle with customs or immigration at all!

Friday the staff arrived in the evening for staff training camp, so that morning, Nel and I went to St. Ann’s Bay for the market and things and so I could remember where everything is. Amazingly, in a place that is quite unfamiliar, nothing seems too foreign to me. Friday night, quite late, the staff arrived and had dinner, then we all had a quick get to know you moment and went to bed for an early morning on Saturday.

Saturday morning began with everyone breaking up into camp groups and acquainting us and sharing our testimonies. Most of my time here will be working as the facilities assistant and doing various projects for Nel around camp, but I will be serving as a counselor for a week during the Ultimate Adventure camp from July 11-20!

We’ll work with the oldest group of students, age 14-17 and it will be the first official group through for the summer! The other staff for this camp were an amazing group of people and I can’t wait to continue to get to know them and work along side of them!

As Saturday progressed, we had some general orientation and training from Nel and different bonding types of experiences and we ended the day with an evening of prayer and worship at the cross on the top lawn. It was an experience truly unlike any I’ve ever had.

In all of my past trips to Jamaica, we’ve been here as an American team, but this time, I’m totally immersed in this culture and experiencing something completely different and stretching. After only a few days, I honestly miss little, aside from my family and friends at home. But I've literally told EVERYONE here about my dog, I miss him A LOT! He really is special to me and my own little prize! :) (Don't worry mom, dad and Emily, I've shown y'all off too, and Jamaica says I look like daddy and thinks Emily is my twin!)

Today we had our final session of staff training and then the majority of staff traveled home to Kingston. In the morning, Nel and I will also go to Kingston until Wednesday to take care of some administrative things and for final preparations before the long month of non-stop camps begin!

I can’t wait to experience it all and share with you as I’m growing!!!

Until next time, In Grace’s Amazing Hands,


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  1. So happy you are doing well!! We love and miss you!!
    Aunt Mandy, Cheyenne, Dakota, & Sierra

    P.S. Dakota says he wishes he was there with you!!