Tuesday, July 23, 2013

my Jamaican birthday post

Greetings y’all! Sorry it’s been so long, but finding time to actually sit and write is difficult and getting to the internet that’s sufficient for posting is just the same!

To fill you in, Tomorrow ends children’s camp and begins the last week and 4th and final New Generation Children’s/Teen camp. Then during the month of August we at the campsite will host various other groups who rent out the site for their own camps.

The groups have been so wonderful. Each so unique and fun, very adventurous and highly entertaining! This trip has been so stretching and different than any of my previous visits here and putting it into words isn’t just cake like you may think!

Although I was most involved in the Ultimate Series Camp for the oldest teens 14-17 years old, and it was a super incredible time to watch them learn and develop spiritually and just to mature as young individuals, I have to say that my favorite group so far has been the Leadership Group the very first session.

These kids are essentially a pre-counselor training group. They do deep leadership and team-building sessions. It was a small group of only 12 youth and they had 2 counselors, I also got to participate with them a lot and definitely related to most of them.

Ultimate was fun too, at first we weren’t sure how many youth we’d have committed to camp, but God provided good numbers and it was a wonderful week. We ended with a trip to Mystic Mountain and I had an incredible outlook on the island, and got my first Jamaican sunburn of my 4 visits to the place. But all is well now.

The Great Adventure (Kid’s Camp) has been fun just because I really love the young children. They’re so loving and absorbent and just eager to learn and be poured into!

All of the children I have met this summer, as well as the peers I have been blessed to work with have been an incredible blessing thus far.

It’s also been wonderful to celebrate my 23rd birthday today in this place. I’ve been fortunate to celebrate my birth in many different places, communities and cultures and this is definitely my favorite so far, just by the love that I feel here, though I am so distant from my home.

Aunty Nel took me to Scotchie’s for Jerk food for lunch and we had Devon House I-Scream afterwards in Ocho Rios. Judith also brought me a piece of Cheesecake when she came in from Kingston for the day. The biggest disappointment of the day is I’ve really wanted a plain Coca Cola and never did get my hands on one. Oh the little things! Oh well, there’s always tomorrow for another small treat!

Missing everyone at home, my family, friends and precious puppy. But I’m still confident that I’m right where I need to be! Loving y’all and hoping that you’re all glad for the update! I’ll be back with you shortly as soon as I can!! Hoping for wonderful adventures in the final week of camp!

If there’s anything you’d really like to know, please feel free to email me at kate.paige.hukill@gmail.com and I’m glad to answer questions and communicate in that way as best I can!!

Please also continue to keep me and New Generation Camp in your prayers!!

In Grace’s Amazing Hands,



  1. I thank God for you, my beautiful, strong, committed, Christian granddaughter! I enjoyed your blog once again and pray for God's blessings on you and all there.